About Audio Visions -

The Mission of Audio Visions is to design, engineer and install custom Home Theater & Audio Video Systems using proven technology, that is reliable and simple to use. That mission is what has successfully carried our business forward for the last 25 years, and we will continue to stick by it. With over 37 years of construction experience, Joseph LaRussa got his start in 1980 working at Advanced Built-In Systems, a LaRussa Family owned Low-Voltage Integration company. In 1981 he became a Partner at the firm, and under his management, grew the company from 3 to over 62 employees, as well as developing it from a single truck operation to a fleet of 16. Advanced Built-In Systems became the largest Low-Voltage company in Los Angeles. In 1994 Joseph sold his interest in Advanced Built-In Systems to found his own company that to this day is known as Audio Visions. Completing thousands of homes during his career (many notable celebrities) he has developed the type of quality and care that only experience can provide.

About LaRussa Design Group -

Synergy: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts... Oxford Dictionary -

Through the years in the construction industry we have garnered rich and meningful relationships with some of LA's best construction professionals. With the outcomes of our projects being so exciting, a natural evolution began to emerge under the guise of LaRussa Design Group. A network of construction professionals, who specialize in design and installation for the purpose of gaining that single minded phenomenon "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" The mission of LaRussa Design Group is to combine the expertise and experience of the best construction professionals in the Los Angeles area for creative, technological and artistic synergies.

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