Services - What We Do

Dedicated Home Theater


A Dedicated Home Theater is a space in which the environment has been precisely designed and engineered to provide maximum movie & music enjoyment. Special acoustical wall treatments are used for the acoustic signature and help isolate the room from outside noise. Measured speaker placement along with audio & video calibration optimizes the system. Having a fun place to bond with your family is the perfect compliment to your home and lifestyle for the ultimate cinematic experience. 



Transform your family room into a Custom Media Room with streaming audio video integration and technology. Home control systems make it easy to choose from Cable, Satellite, AppleTV, Blu-ray or Playstation whether the equipment is in the same room or not. Control of entertainment, lights, shades, temperature and more is at your fingertips from a touch screen remote. So if it's movies, sports or gaming we can design a custom system that will rival that of the big cinemas for an amazing experience you'll enjoy with your entire family.

Whole House Audio System


Enjoy your music with full rich sound anytime and anywhere in your home. Whether it's Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer or any other Streaming Services you know and enjoy. We can integrate all of these into one Easy-To-Use Platform for maximum enjoyment Built-In to play throughout your entire home using in-wall/in-ceiling flush mount or invisible speakers.

Outdoor Landscape Audio


It's time to make the most of your entire property and start utilizing the space you have outside! According to many lifestyle experts, the best way to enjoy your home is to use all of the space you have. Having high quality speakers and buried subwoofers that are strategically located around the perimeter of an outdoor listening space delivers immersive, high quality music.

Intelligent Lighting Systems


Having effective lighting control is not only visually pleasing over the atmosphere and mood of any room. It also adds a level of safety of your home. You can access all of your lighting remotely. You can turn on the driveway lights before you get home so you can arrive home safely. You can also turn on and off remotely to achieve "mock occupancy" while your away. Intelligent lighting control is also very energy efficient.

Home Control Systems


Home control and system integration is key to a client's satisfaction in tying everything together. From the house music, temperature, lighting to security & surveillance. Also being able to check if the garage doors are closed after midnight and closing them if they were left open. A home smart enough to sense when it has rained and not to turn on the sprinkler systems. There are so many possibilities of what could be accomplished. 

More of What We Do

Telephone/Intercom/Entry Systems


Integrated home telephone and access control systems lets you communicate from room to room, front door, side door or outside gate's with gate release features. These are an important part of your home living environment. We design & install these systems to provide you and your family an easy to use system to manage a safe home. 

Home Network & Wi-Fi System


A Home Network & Wi-Fi System is a home’s central nervous system for all communications and control. The backbone of any good network starts with the proper infrastructure; A structured wiring system is more than just a random set of cables run throughout the house, but rather is a systematically designed cable system which is installed by very stringent guidelines. We’ll lay a solid and reliable foundation that’s robust for today’s technology and for tomorrow’s.  

Security & Surveillance


 A security & surveillance system is a must in today’s day and age. You want to focus on security whenever possible, and that means having cameras in place. A system that allows you to both monitor and record activity on the property. Often, simply seeing a security camera inside or outside can be a crime deterrence and many times, a criminal will avoid your property entirely because of a system in place. All cameras are strategically placed all with Internet access. Finally, you have your peace-of-mind for you & your family.  

Professional Services

Client Consultation & Budget Development


From Concept to Completion, each project is unique. Get up-to-speed on the latest innovations and trends and have your questions answered. With the myriad of technological innovations available today, you need a company that will guide you through to make sure you end up with the right system(s) for your particular needs and budget for a comprehensive plan to execute and one that Complements your life instead of complicating it. 

Project System Design and Engineering


Project Design & Engineering is at the core of putting together a comprehensive plan of product-integration, system-design and installation. Careful attention is given to the numerous details involved with system integration. A thoughtful system-design leads to the best balance of functionality, aesthetics and reliability. With multiple decades of experience, our design and engineering team put into place the systems that best work in harmony with your home environment and lifestyle.

Project Management and Coordination


Project management takes effective planning, organizing, and allocating resources to make sure it’s completed on time and on budget with the desired result. We coordinate with your contractor, subcontractors & design team every step-of-the-way until project completion to reduce confusion and achieve a smooth and efficient project from start to finish. It's our hard work that makes your experience easy and reassuring. We keep in close contact with you, working with your schedule and special-event considerations.

System Installation and Programming


Putting all the parts and pieces together for smart technology and integrated systems needs to be executed with skill, precision, and some finesse. As much as we value our manufacturer partners, different products and brands have nuances that require special know-how and experience to optimize the installation and access all the needed features & functionality. Our technicians receive ongoing education and stay up-to-date on the latest standards and best practices. We take pride in executing your system design with quality craftsmanship so it functions as desired.

System Tuning and Room Calibration


System optimization is tuning to an acoustical environment. The process blends the system and the room to make the sound reliable, consistent and dependable for the listener. We get into the system settings to target each individually: alignment of speaker levels, crossover, time, phase, adjusting gain structure, equalization and protection settings. We tune-in and calibrate your sound system like a virtuoso tunes their instrument - with the percission only a trained ear could know.

Schematic & Construction Documentation


A smoother construction process is achieved when the system design is documented in advance of actual construction. All parties involved in building phase benefit from clearly defined drawings for everything from wiring infrastructure, hardware location, control device placement, user interface design, power management and schematics. Blending equipment with architectural elements and interiors is planned out in advance.